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Mural artist Andrea is available for  Mural service in North Port,  Sarasota, St Petersburg, and Tampa Bay, Fl
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About Andrea The Artist

Andrea studied fine art for two years with Joseph Bologini, member and instructor from the Salmagundi Club in New York City. After completing the studies, she self-taught perspective, charcoal and oil painting in both still life and landscape. This experience has lead to the artists' appreciation of different mediums in painting, as well as a lifelong identity with realism in her work. For many years, Andrea has commisssioned canvas works for individual buyers and sold her work at art shows.

Eighteen years ago, she graduated into mural art, commissioning in private homes, businesses and a national historic sculpture garden. The murals are the result of time spent with clients, a great deal of research and designs that create the murals to the specifications of each individual situation. Each mural is one of a kind and not repeated again. Trompe L'oeil (illusion to trick the eye) is a specialty in her work.

A complete Portfolio of the mural artists' work is available with one-on-one meetings with clients. Depending on the size and location of the mural, mural artist Andrea is open to travel and is currently residing in the southern Florida area, between Tampa Bay, FL and Naples, FL. 

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